Texecom Premier Elite PW Pet Tolerant PIR Motion Detector (AFL-0001)

£15.76 (inc. VAT)
Texecom Premier Elite PW Pet Tolerant PIR Motion Detector (AFL-0001)

Inspired by a design philosophy of contemporary styling combined with the most innovative advanced detection performance, the Premier Elite Series is intended for those who require the very best.

Keep your home protected even if you have pets. The Premier Elite PW’s intelligent Pet Tolerant technology differentiates between your pets and intruders with pet tolerance for even larger pets (up to 40kg – approximately the size of a Labrador).

That, coupled with the Premier Elite PW’s digital temperature compensation the detector will adjust its sensitivity, further enhancing the detectors immunity to false alarms and environmental disturbance.

The detectors incorporates selectable alarm resistor values of 5K6, 4K7 &1K0 & tamper values of 5K6, 2K2 and 1K0 catering for most EOL control panels on the market.


  • 40kg (90lbs) animal immunity
  • Adjustable sensitivity/animal immunity
  • High precision mirrored optics
  • 12m volumetric coverage
  • Mounting Brackets (available separately)
  • Surface mount technology
  • Selectable pulse count
  • Sealed optics
  • PD6662:2010 Grade 2 Class II