Texecom Premier Compact PW Pet Tolerant PIR Motion Detector (ACH-0001)

£10.79 (inc. VAT)
Texecom Premier Compact PW Pet Tolerant PIR Motion Detector (ACH-0001)

Texecom’s Premier Compact detectors are designed to provide optimum performance levels in any type of environment.  A variety of detection technologies ensure there is a version to overcome even the most challenging installation. The Premier Compact offers superb detection and is ideal for most commercial or domestic applications, with proven excellence in terms of reliability and value for money.

Keep your home protected even if you have pets. The Premier Compact PW’s intelligent Pet Tolerant technology differentiates between your pets and intruders with pet tolerance for even larger pets (up to 35kg – approximately the size of a Labrador).

With Selectable Pulse Count the sensitivity of the detector can be adjusted to match the installation environment providing better detection accuracy and consequently better false alarm immunity.


  • 12m volumetric range
  • Digital signal processing
  • Up to 35Kgs (77lbs) pet immunity
  • Built-in EOL resistors
  • Mounting Brackets (available separately)
  • Mounting height alignment
  • Digital temperature compensation
  • Remote LED disable
  • PD6662:2010 Grade 2 Class II