Texecom Exodus OH Optical Smoke and Heat Multisensor (AGB-0001)

£33.06 (inc. VAT)
Texecom Exodus OH Optical Smoke and Heat Multisensor (AGB-0001)

The Exodus Series of heat and smoke detectors delivers world leading fire sensing technology into the security marketplace.  Featuring a dedicated built-in relay for connection to security control panels, low profile aesthetics and fully certified to EN54 Parts 5 & 7, the Exodus Series represents the pinnacle of detector performance and reliability.

The Exodus OH is ideal for detecting smouldering and fast flaming fires.  Optical and Thermal Detection along with Digital Drift Compensation means that false alarms are reduced and the detector can maintain reliable fire detection.


  • 12V/4-wire Operation With Alarm Relay: 4W
  • Conventional Fire 10V-30V Operation
  • Suitable for fastest detection for wide range of fires
  • Unsuitable for environments with airborne contamination (smoke, dust, steam).
  • Microprocessor Technology
  • Digital Technology Detection Algorithms
  • Latch Input Enables Auto Reset: 4W
  • Alarm Situation Test Button
  • Optical & Thermal Detection
  • Digital Drift Compensation
  • EN54-7 Compliant