Product Support - We won't leave you in the pit.

CCTV products are very technical and we can sometimes spend hours helping to get our customer's CCTV kits setup and running just the way they like it or resolving issues.

We completely understand the hassle of starting up a kit or working with any security camera, that is why all of our products come pre initialised  and the only thing you would need to do is create a password, we have made this super easy for your self with the products language being plain English, Like it should be.

This page was created to answer FAQ and show you simple troubleshooting methods. Our customers would be glad to know that this page is always being constantly updated and kept fresh with all solutions. Please also ensure you have updated the latest firmware also if you are using HiWatch/Hikvision products via the link further down this page, as this does resolve issues.

However we are on hand during normal hours via our support line 01254 693786 and on email

Live view on mobile


Remote access method - £60 over the phone payment

If you are our customer we can assist remotely once you have downloaded the following program, it will ask you open up in a new tab, click that and install the software.

TeamViewer for Remote Support 


You will need to arrange a time with us and have this open along with anything else we’d need to work on your PC/Mac with you (router login page and/or video management program such as Hikvision’s iVMS).


Hikconnect Method - Free service from Hikvision


Hikconnect method is the most straight forward way of setting up a live view on your phone.

There are a few things to take into consideration before staring off:

Register a Account
- Click Here For Instructions

Activate the Hikconnect Service on the recorder. 
To do this follow these simple steps

 - Before you follow the link below, you first want to check that your recording box is connected to the Internet. To do this right click and enter menu
  1. Click Maintenance
  2. Bottom left click on Net Detect
  3. A graph should now appear, under that you will see a linking status and right below that it should show that  it is succeeded.
If it is succeeded then your device is connected and receiving a Internet connection, now follow the link below to continue the setup
- Click here to follow the link for the instructions

How to Add a device to the Hikconnect App
Please ensure you have mobile data connection before you proceed on to this step
- Click here for the instructions

How to Share your stream with another Device/Account
If you have registered a account with a email address, it would be very convenient to log into the other device with your login, If not follow these steps.
- Click here for the instructions


Update Firmware For HikVision Products
You will need the product code for the device you are wanting update

Reset Hikvision Password / Forgotten Password

Please click here to view the guide

How to change the channel signal type of GUI 4.0 DVR

- Please click here to view the guide