5MP DS-2CE56H0T-IT3ZE/Grey Motorized PoC Turret 2.8 - 12mm

5MP DS-2CE56H0T-IT3ZE/Grey Motorized PoC Turret 2.8 - 12mm

5MP DS-2CE56H0T-IT3ZE/Gray Motorized PoC Turret 2.8-12mm
5MP DS-2CE56H0T-IT3ZE/Gray Motorized PoC Turret 2.6-12mm

HIKVISION DS-2CE56H1T-IT3ZE/G is a 5 Megapixel (5MP) Turret Camera with high performance CMOS sensor and features 5MP resolution with a Motorised Varifocal 2.8-12mm Lens and latest ULTRA LOW LIGHT Technology offering 40m IR. The ability to power the camera via a coaxial cable according to innovative PoC standard allows to reduce the need for extra wiring to the unit. This camera has a GREY external Housing.


Power over Coaxial (PoC) basically means that power for the camera is supplied by the DVR via coaxial video cable (RG59 or similar), this removes the requirement for separate cables and power supplies which would otherwise be needed to power your cameras. For installers this means a much more time and cost efficient

PoC can be used on cable runs up to 200 metres and is available in 4,8 and 16 channel DVRs (models ending /P), a full complement of TVI PoC cameras are also available (models ending E) which together offer a cost effective and time saving solution to your TVI installations.

PLEASE NOTE: All PoC cameras can also work on non PoC recorders

1. All PoC capable TVI cameras can be powered locally via a separate power supply allowing them to be used on a none PoC TVI DVR
2. All none PoC TVI cameras can work on a PoC capable TVI DVR as the camera is powered via a separate power supply and PoC will only transmit when requested to by a compatible camera
3. PoC transmission must be used through RG59 coaxial or similar cable, it will not pass through CAT5/6 passive/active balun configurations

  • 5MP high performance CMOS
  • Adopts HD-TVI technology
  • 2.8 - 12mm motorized vari-focal lens
  • True day/night
  • OSD menu
  • Smart IR
  • EXIR 2.0 technology
  • Up to 40m IR distance
  • IP67 weatherproof
  • Up the Coax telemetry
  • Digital wide dynamic range
  • PoC.at
  • 12V DC

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