120Gb SSD DS-UESSD120G-T100I Series Portable Solid State Drive (SSD) Up to 450 MB/s Reading Speed.

£35.99 (inc. VAT)
  • Small body with large capacity : Roughly the size of a match box, thinner than your mobile phone and ultra light but stores upto 120 GB of data. The size and weight makes it an ideal product for data storage on the go.
  • Ultra-fast transmission @ 450 MB/s: The best thing about the storage device is the speed of data transmission. Now transfer data @ 450 MB/s which is 6 times faster than the traditional HDD. Which means transfer your favourite movie from your laptop to the device in less than 5 second.
  • Hanging hole design: The edge also has a small hole to hang the product making it even easier to carry ensuring that you do not lose it somewhere
  • Product Design and feel: The product stands out for its aesthetic and smart design with curve edges making a style statement. The glossy finish makes it look strikingly attractive.
  • Shock proof and fall proof: The data is safe with the device being able to bear minor falls from your pocket and bags. It will also be able to bear the shock associated with the fall and keep your data safe.